Oneida Lake Team Walleye Trail

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Information and Registration and Rules

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1- This is a 2 person team walleye tournament. (2 people per boat)

2- Tournament will be held at Oneida Shores County Park in Brewerton, NY.

3- Each team will fish from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and weight in up to a 5 fish limit.

4- Entry fee is $150 per team, per event.

5- All teams will be automatically entered into a big fish pot with $500 going to first and $250 going to second. Each team can weigh one fish. This is for the May 15th tournament only. All other tournaments there will only be a first prize awarded.

6- Entry fee is payable in cash or check if paid by May 8th. Cut off dates for the other tournaments are- June 5tht, July 10th and July 31st.



9- Boat numbers will be assigned in the order that payment/registration forms are received.

10- 90% of entry will be paid back.

11- 1 in 4 will cash

12- Big fish pot will be called "THE JAMES WALLACE MEMORIAL TROPHY" and all money for this pot is being sponsored by Syracuse Realty Group.

13- Tournament waters will be Oneida Lake and its tributaries up to the first impassable barrier.

14- Must fish out of a coast guard legal boat. You at no time can leave the boat.

15- Anglers must abide by NY state boating and fishing regulations.

16- Each angler must wear a coast guard approved life jacket whenever boat is on plane. Failure to do so will constitute disqualification of both team members.

17- Boats will be checked at launch between 5:30 am and 6:45 am tournament morning.

18- Teams will leave Oneida Shores/Fremac Marina by boat number starting with boat 1 at 7am.

19- Teams will return to Oneida Shores/Fremac Marina by 3 pm and must be in site of starter boat and off plane.

20- If you arrive after 3 pm but before 3:15 pm you will lose half your weight. If you arrive after 3:15 pm you will lose all of your weight.

21- Should you break down on the water you can transfer your fish along with one team member to another competitor's boat or if time allows you can be towed in by any boat.

22- Any team bringing a fish to the scales under the 15 in. length limit will be disqualified.

23- Should a team bring more than 5 fish to the scales then their 4 smallest fish will be weighed.

24- Any disputes must be brought to the attention of the tournament director before the completion of the weigh-in. Tournament director's decision will be final and binding upon all participants.

25-: In the event that the tournament is cancelled, rescheduled or relocated before the start date of the tournament, due to weather, flooding, or location problems, anglers will be afforded a refund.

26- All participants in this tournament by their participation therein hereby authorize the Oneida Lake Team Walleye Trail to use both their name and any photographs of the participant for future tournament promotion, public relations and fund raising purposes.

27- There may be special rules for a given tournament or tournament-specific rules. Tournament officials will do their best to communicate any special or tournament-specific rules to all participants. All contestants should inquire regarding the existence of any special or tournament-specific rules and are deemed to know and understand any tournament-specific rules.

28- There is no minimum separation distance between boats nor is there any particular code of conduct. However, anglers are strongly encouraged to be courteous to all other anglers fishing the tournament and other anglers not fishing in the tournament. While prefishing and especially during an OLTWT event, you are representing the OLTWT, and you need to set a good example of ethical and courteous fishing behavior!

29- In the event that there is a tie for "Big Fish" the following rule will apply. The first place prize will be determined by the team with the biggest catch.

30- In the event that there is tie for first, second and third place for overall weight the following rule will apply. The teams that have tied will have their placement decided by the weight of their single heaviest fish. All ties below 3rd place will be combined and then split between the teams that have tied.

31- Team of the year- There will be a Team of the Year prize at the end of the season. You must fish 3 out of the 4 tournaments to qualify. If you fish all 4 tournaments only your top 3 scores will count.

32- Point System- Points will be awarded as follows-

1st place- 60
2nd place 59
3rd place 58
Each place will decrease 1 point down to the last place finishing team