Welcome to the official website for Oneida Lake Team Walleye Trail!

Oneida Lake Team Walleye Trail would like to welcome you to our web site! Our site has been designed to keep you informed about everything from fishing our beautiful Oneida Lake to the daily weather report.

Our goal is the make this Central New York’s most informative walleye fishing web site.

Last year was another success! We had anglers come from near and far to fish our beautiful lake. 

Register soon!!!

There will be a ‘big fish’ pot worth $500, which all teams will be eligible for at no extra charge which is sponsored by Syracuse Realty Group on May 20th. All of the details are located under the information tab. 

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their support in the endeavor. Without whom this would not be possible. Oneida Lake Team Walleye Trail would appreciate you extending your patronage in supporting them.

Syracuse Realty Group is sponsoring the Big Fish Pot known as “THE David Crisalli MEMORIAL TROPHY” in memory of “David Crisalliā€¯.

All teams will be automatically entered into a big fish pot with $500 going to first place.

2021 Tournament Dates:

May 23rd
June 27th

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